Frans Elsen – I Cover The Waterfront

Frans Elsen playing his beautiful version of I Cover The Waterfront.


Barry Harris Plays Slow Blues

I have transcribed this solo some years ago and always wanted to come back to play it again. This is one of a few recorded examples of the pianist Barry Harris playing slow blues

Think on Me Alec Katz with Niels Tausk

Think on Me

Here is a little project I’ve made remotely with my old friend, a very fine musician from Holland Niels Tausk.

Whynton Kelly

The Most Transcribed Piano Solo

Wynton Kelly’s solo on Freddie Freeloader from Miles Davis’ album Kind of Blue is a classic example of a jazz piano …


Smooth Sailing & Streaming

The “Smooth Sailing” recording I’ve produced together with vocalist Simona Arones is now at the major streaming services – Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer & more!

Diminished Dimensions

Moving The Diminished Here are a few examples of the movements within the diminished harmony. I am demonstrating here the movements …

Sullivan Fortner Live From NY

I became a big fan of pianist Sullivan Fortner (33). He is really special, he sounds very fresh and original and, …

Barry Harris Piano

Do It! Barry Harris On Cherokee

Table of contents: 1. Steve Grossman2. Do It (The Album)3. Cherokee4. Barry Harris solo This Barry Harris’s solo on Cherokee is …

Smokin’ at Smoke

The streaming jazz performances during the pandemic times in 2020 really kept inspiring. I feel like I’ve been almost present in …


The Magic of Triads In Jazz

Here are some ideas on how to create interesting harmonies by using simple triads.

Mulgrew miller at UNO 2013

Mulgrew Miller at The UNO

Here is a YouTube video of Mulgrew Miller clinic at The University of New Orleans taken in April 2013. Mulgrew speaks and plays just a month before he passed away…

it could happen to you

It Could Happen To You

Here is a short example of harmonization of the popular jazz standard It Could Happen To You by Jimmy Van Heusen and Johnny Burke


Indexing Real Books On iPad

If you use iPad to read music and are looking for a good way to handle your music book collection, there are a bunch of very useful apps for it. Here is a simple way to index your Real Books.

Playing Jazz Standards

The Great American Song Book is a huge source of inspiration and the best way to learn about harmony, melody, rhythm and musical form.


Harry Whitaker – Blues For Piano Players

Meeting Harry Whitaker was one of the brightest things that happened to me in New York City. Pianist-composer-producer Harry Whitaker inspired many players in New York…


Barry Harris Solo on Hocus-Pocus

Here is a transcription of Barry Harris solo on Lee Morgan composition Hocus-Pocus from The Sidewinder. I dedicate this post to him, his legacy and his students and fans around the world.

I Remember Mulgrew (part 2)

Mulgrew Miller was known for being the highly in-demand pianist for recordings and on-stage. One of the reasons for that is that he was not only a great accompanist but he also gave an inspiration to the soloist and a whole group.

Mulgrew Miller

I Remember Mulgrew (part 1)

Mulgrew Miller was one of the most inspirational musicians I have ever met. In June 2012 Mulgrew Miller was a guest artist at The Center for Jazz Studies, The Israel Conservatory of Music In Tel Aviv. It was a remarkable week full of music and a wonderful experience


Relaxin’ with Chuck

Playing with the great bassist-arranger-composer Chuck Israels during his in 2009-10 was a wonderful experience. One of the tunes we played was Relaxin’ at Camarillo by Charlie Parker.

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