21 November 2018

Indexing Real Books On iPad

If you use iPad to read music and looking for a good way to handle you music books collection there are a bunch of very useful apps for it. Here is the simple way to index your Real Books withing forScore.
16 November 2018

I Remember Mulgrew (part 2)

This is the second part of my post on Mulgrew Miller. Mulgrew was known for being the highly in-demand pianist for recordings and on-stage. One of the reasons for that was because he was such a great accompanist. His comping, chord voicings, swing and overall sound behind the soloists are so beautiful.
13 August 2018

I Remember Mulgrew

Mulgrew Miller was one of the most inspirational musicians I have ever met. In June 2012 Mulgrew Miller was a guest artist at The Center for Jazz Studies, The Israel Conservatory of Music In Tel Aviv. It was a remarkable week full of music and a wonderful experience
12 August 2018

Playing Jazz Standards

A good deal of time with my students I dedicate to showing them the ways of playing jazz standards and using various approaches of harmonization.
21 May 2018

Relaxin’ with Chuck

Playing with the great bassist-arranger-composer Chuck Israels during his in 2009-10 was a wonderful experience. One of the tunes we played was Relaxin' at Camarillo by Charlie Parker.
My Romance // Alec Katz & Chuck Israels - Alec Katz & Chuck Israels
  1. My Romance // Alec Katz & Chuck Israels - Alec Katz & Chuck Israels
  2. On The Sunny Side Of The Street // Alec Katz & Chuck Israels - Live At Milestone
  3. Slow Freight // Alec Katz & Chuck Israels - Live At Milestone
  4. Relaxin’ at Camarillo // Alec Katz, Chuck Israels, Yonatan Rosen - Live At Milestone