Teaching is my passion. I started teaching back in the ’90s while being a music student himself. Since then teaching music became an important part of my life alongside performing, recording, producing and writing music.

I studied music since I was seven years old. I had training in piano, musical theory & composition. At an early age, I fall in love with jazz, beautiful harmonies, improvisation and playing by ear and I learned mostly by listening to my favorite players and copying from them.

I studied at the music schools, The Jerusalem Music Academy and The Royal Conservatory in The Hague, Holland and I had good teachers. But most of my musical experience I got from playing with the great players. I was fortunate to play with such international jazz artists as Slide Hampton, Arnie Lawrence, Walter Blanding, Donald Harrison, Lee Konitz, Claudio Roditi, Billy Hart, Harry Whitaker, Kevin Mahogany, Chuck Israels and others.

Meeting and studying with a legendary jazz pianist and educator Dr. Barry Harris had much impact on him.
Barry Harris helped to open up my musical thinking and changed my whole perspective on harmony, rhythm, improvisation and the whole musical language. Another important figure for me was veteran Dutch pianist Frans Elsen who was my mentor at The Royal Conservatory in The Hague and become a dear friend.

Today I strive to pass on to my students the experience and knowledge he has gained over the years. Many of my students have continued their studies at the jazz programs of respected universities around the world and have built successful international music careers making a contribution to the music scene.

My goal is to give my students the right direction in music to make it easier for them to become better musicians and open up their creative potentials.

Since 2008 I teach at The Israel Conservatory of Music Tel AvivThe Center for Jazz Studies (New School University academic program), and at Rimon School of Music where I am in charge of the Piano Department. And I also continue to teach private students.


I teach piano, jazz harmony, improvisation, music theory, arranging and composing and instructing small and large ensembles.

I have written dozens of jazz piano and ensemble arrangements, made music transcriptions, prepared harmonic and melodic exercises, and other educational material.

I am available for teaching individual and group lessons online via Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, WhatsApp, or other platforms. The lessons are interactive and dynamic using several cameras, real-time on-screen notation and supporting PDF and audio materials. All this is to make both the student and the teacher’s experience efficient and enjoyable.

For questions, more info and to schedule a lesson send me an email message or fill out the form on my contact page.


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