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13 August 2018
Mulgrew Miller

I Remember Mulgrew (part 1)

Last updated on August 21, 2019

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Mulgrew Miller was one of the most inspirational musicians I have ever met. A master pianist, composer, and educator, Mulgrew was also a beautiful human being.
It was in May 1990 at the Jazz Festival in Moscow when a first saw Mulgrew Mulgrew playing. I was 21 at the time, young and enthusiastic jazz lover.

That festival was a big event, it featured many great musicians like Freddie Hubbard Quartet with Benny Green, Branford Marsalis with Kenny Kirkland and Jeff Watts, San Ra Orchestra, Chico O’Farill and more.

Mulgrew Miller was playing with The Benny Golson Quartet. I was really captured by the way he sounded – his big piano sound reminded of Oscar Peterson, blend of contemporary harmonic sound reminiscent to McCoy Tyner and Herbie Hancock, mysterious brisk melodic runs and dancing rhythmic feeling and blues and gospel in his playing – it was something else! His sound was somewhat familiar but yet so fresh and inspiring.

A couple of years later I was lucky again to watch him play with the Benny Golson Quartet at The Red Sea Jazz Festival Eilat in 1992.

I became to be a big fun of Grew (this is how the musicians call him). I tried to find everything with Mulgrew’s name – records featuring him as a sideman as well as his own recordings as a leader. I still remember the first time hearing him on Woody Shaw “Master of Art” – a brilliant record. 


Mulgrew Miller Week at The Center for Jazz Studies

In June 2012 Mulgrew Miller was a guest artist at The Center for Jazz Studies (New School Program) at The Israel Conservatory of Music In Tel Aviv.
It was a remarkable week full of music and a wonderful experience.
Being a part of CJS faculty, I had quite a few chances to talk with Mulgrew and watch him play.

I have made a footage of Mulgrew piano class, his solo performance at Felicja Blumental Hall and the concert at the Einav Center featuring Mulgrew performances with the students and teachers ensembles and the Big Band.


It was so sad to find out that a year later Mulgrew Miller has passed away.
Mulgrew Miller was a great master. Although he was a busy musician who was in demand in the recording studio and on stage, I think Mulgrew was much underrated.

Today, I would like to share with you some footage captured from that unforgettable week with Mulgrew Miller at The Center for Jazz Studies in Tel Aviv.



My Old Flame

Mulgrew Miller talks about various aspects of solo piano playing. Speaking of one’s individual approach to playing standards, Mulgrew plays a short excerpt of a ballad My Old Flame (by Sam Coslow and Arthur Johnston). He does a beautiful and a really interesting reharmonization of the melody of a song.

Mulgrew stops playing in the middle trying to recall his arrangement. It would be nice to find the whole thing recorded, I wonder if he did.

The only version Mulgrew has recorded My Old Flame is from a concert he did at the Jazz en Tête festival in France in 2000. It was released a decade later by Space Time Records on his album Solo. It is a beautiful full-sounding solo piano with rich harmony and brisk right-hand runs and even some stride piano at the end which reminiscent of Oscar Peterson with Mulgrew personal “modern-touch” sound, diminished runs, etc.

He is mostly playing “around” the melody in each new chorus, which reminds of solo recordings of Monk or McCoy Tyner – just like the melody and variations. On that 2000 version, Mulgrew does not change the harmony’ just a little on some of the melody’s returns:  https://youtu.be/lJG-bZtDEz

Body And Soul

Mulgrew talks about personal approaches to playing standards and re-harmonization. He plays a short example of his version of Body and Soul with the beautiful reharmonization of the first section of a tune. Mulgrew says, he has heard New York pianist Jimmy Rowles who played in the same club Knickerbocker and borrowed some ideas from him. Mulgrew also refers to a Freddie Hubbard version from an album with the same name which has similar kind of progression on A part (just a little bit…)

Mulgrew Miller has recorded it on his album With Our Own Eyes (Novus Records 1993) and on his solo album Solo (Space Time Records, 2000). Later is somewhat close to what he did in a class.

Here is Mulgrew Miller Trio live with Richie Goods and Rodney Green from 1999 on YouTube. Watch Mulgrew ending the tune with a brilliant solo piano section at the last third of the video where he goes real stride piano, really amazing! https://youtu.be/H7yQB9r2WH8

Farewell To Dogma

Here Mulgrew Miller is playing his beautiful original tune called Farewell To Dogma:

Old Folks

Here is an exciting moment of Mulgrew playing at the end of his masterclass.
A beautiful ballad “Old Folks” (by Dedette Lee Hill & Willard Robison):

I have found a nice transcription and analysis of Mulgrew playing Old Folks that was made by French pianist Florent Gac.
You can see it on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhNFBWWPBQ8

From Day To Day

Mulgrew Miller with the student ensemble of the Center for Jazz Studies performing his composition “From Day To Day”:


Mulgrew Miller Solo Piano at Felicja Blumental Music Center

Here is a full length (50 min.) solo piano concert Mulgrew did at Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv:

Song list:

  1. In Your Sweet Own Way 00:00
  2. If I Should Lose You 09:19
  3. O Grande Amour 20:47
  4. My Foolish Heart 30:00
  5. Yardbird Suite 40:06
  6. Ask Me Now 45:40

There are more videos in my post I Remember Mulgrew, Part 2


Here are some photos from Mulgrew Miller week at The Center for Jazz Studies, Israel Conservatory of Music Tel Aviv, June 2012:

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simona arones

Thank you for sharing, He was a wonderful musician and beautiful soul

Scott Forrest
Scott Forrest

Fantastic article along with the superb embedded videos!! Love and miss Mulgrew

Erez Barnoy
Erez Barnoy

Amazing article’ Alec, Thank You!!

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