Mulgrew Miller at The UNO

Mulgrew Miller at The University of New Orleans

My friend Wayne McConnell has posted in a Facebook group called Remembering Mulgrew Miller a YouTube video of Mulgrew Miller clinic at UNO (University of New Orleans) in April 2013 that was published a few days ago. You can see Mulgrew speaks and plays just a month before he passed away…
The video is almost an hour and a half and is  I am sure you’ll find it interesting. 
Mulgrew opens his clinic with a solo rendition of Secret Love and closes with his beautiful composition “Farewell to Dogma”.
Yet another great capture of the great master of  Jazz.

Alec Katz

Alec is a jazz pianist, composer, arranger and educator from Tel Aviv. He loves performing, writing, teaching and learning music. Alec has built his website and he likes writing and sharing there his thoughts musical ideas and useful content.

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