Smooth Sailing & Smooth Streaming

| Updated on December 22, 2020

We’re live on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Deezer & more coming!

Happy to share the recording I have produced together with the vocalist Simona Arones some years ago in New York. It is called “Smooth Sailing” and it is from now on at the major streaming services – Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer & more!

The recording is featuring Simona Arones (vocals and compositions), the amazing great Harry Whitaker on synths and piano, Daniel Freedman on drums, Noriko Ueda on bass, and yours truly on piano.

Please share with friends and give it a ♡ if you like 🙂

Here is Little Boy, an original by Simona.
The whole album is coming in a few weeks so stay tuned!


Apple Music:

Read more about the recording here.

Read about the great musician and friend New York pianist, composer and producer Harry Whitaker in my article Blues For Piano Players

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